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Virlan Construction is the place for one to be for quality construction services in Ireland. Our efficient, high-quality, and timely completion of the projects has allowed us to provide satisfactory solutions to our clients over the years. Reach out to us with your inquiry immediately!


The Leading Home Renovation Service Provider in Ireland

Home renovation is something everyone dreams of doing for their home. Not just because of the necessity of the time, but also to upgrade the space to match their current lifestyle. Take it this way, can you even imagine living in a place designed thirty-forty years ago and has not factored in the modern innovation and our heavy reliance on technology to get day-to-day jobs done. It is unfathomable even to even consider living in a space like that. And on top of that, there is the safety aspect to consider as well.

Your home requires timely repair and renovation from time to time to ensure that the residents are not put under any kind of safety risk. It is just one of the reasons why home renovation is so significant. And for that, you could not find a better companion suited for your needs than Virlan Construction. Unlike other construction companies that only provide particular services in the home renovation department, Virlan Construction offers the complete package. From kitchen and bathroom renovation to painting and tiling solutions, we handle all sorts of requirements. You simply could not find a better companion suited for home renovation needs in Ireland than Virlan Construction – the default destination for home space renovation in Ireland.

Turning Your Vision into Reality with Virlan Construction

Virlan Construction is the leading construction service provider in Ireland, with expertise in providing bespoke home renovation services suited to the client’s requirements. We have some of the finest professionals with expertise in the field on our payroll to ensure only the best solution is provided to our clients. From plumbing, and wall painting, to the modular kitchen, etc., every inch of the space is taken into account to create a solution that works wonders and is in line with what the owner of the property has envisioned.

Our Process
We have an extremely organised procedure when it comes to handling construction requests of our clients. A lot of credit for our successful endeavours can be laid out for this excellent step-by-step strategy.

Planning: Naturally, when it comes to renovating a space in the image of the owner, having an organised approach is crucial. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we interact with our clients to understand their requirements and also help them with the design.

Budgeting: We put a particular emphasis on the budget, especially ensuring that we are transparent with our clients. Most of the clients prefer to finance their renovation, and we certainly help them with that.

Demolition: For any construction, there has to be destruction first, and this is our next step of the process. Our demolition experts would remove elements like wires, walls, carpet, and flooring before doing any kind of demolition work. Our aim? To save some bucks for our clients. Your pieces of furniture would be sufficiently covered to ensure that they do not suffer any kind of damage during the demolition job.

Construction: Depending on the extent of the job at hand, we would ask you to move out of the building temporarily. But if that is not possible, then our experts would do their best to do their work with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Clean-up: Clean-up is a crucial part of our renovation process. This step includes clean-up chemical baths, water baths, and wipes to make the space fit for proper use.

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With our methodological approach, you can have your dream home with you in no time. For us, transforming your space is not just a passion but also a pleasure. This is why we always curate our approaches that suit your purposes. So, do not think for a second more and reach out to us with your requirement today! We have the best quotes for you as well.