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Finest Home Extension Services in Ireland
Are you looking for a home extension in Ireland? Virlan Construction can help you out. We are the leading home extension service provider in the region, offering high-quality services at affordable rates. You simply cannot find a better companion suited to fulfil your home extension needs than Virlan Construction.

Why Home Extension Service?
Moving out is an option that is not always available to every homeowner for many reasons. Either due to financial reasons or familial obligations, the only option that might be open to the homeowner would be to opt for a home extension. If you cannot move to a bigger place, you can do your best to create a bigger space in your limited area. As one might gather, this is not a fairly simple task. Hence the need to hire professionals to handle this. And when it comes to home extension services, there is no better service provider out there than Virlan Construction.

At Virlan Construction, we value your time and the budgetary constraints you might have and provide a satisfactory home extension solution that would do justice to your requirement. Our decade of experience in the field and our talented and meticulously trained professionals ensure that you are at the receiving end of a highly satisfactory solution.

Our Working Process

We have developed a highly successful home extension strategy that has bore fruitful results for our professionals over the years.

Designing: There is no better place to start than designing the layout of the new extension. Our professionals would assist the property owner/ manager with the layout to design an extension that aligns with the requirement. Before jumping onto the building phase, a proper understanding of the project is essential.

Building Phase: Once the extension’s layout is complete, our professional will immediately start working on the project at hand. We work tirelessly per the schedule to complete the job as quickly as possible. During the process, we would encourage the residents of the property to relocate for the time being for safety reasons. But if that is not crucial, our professionals will handle the task with minimal disruptions for the residents.

Fnal checks and clean-up: Once the construction is complete, our professional would do the final reviews to verify the stability of the structure and clean up any debris that is present on the construction site.

Why Hire Virlan Construction For Home Extension Services?

  • Experience: We have over a decade of experience in providing our clients in Ireland with highly satisfactory home extension services per their requirements. Our knowledge in the field will help you build your dream home in no time.
  • Efficient: We are highly efficient with our service. Not only is there no chance of the project going over budget, but our highly experienced professionals also ensure that there is no delay with the completion of the project. Efficiency in our service is one of the core principles behind our work.
  • Trustworthy: Virlan Construction is a trustworthy name in the market. Over the years, we have handled hundreds of projects with satisfied customers across Ireland. We have built a reputation as a reliable partner for our clients. There is no dilly-dallying with us; if there is an issue with the project and require an alternative strategy, we will be upfront about it.
  • Smooth operation: Our clients are our topmost priority. But our responsibility is not just limited to providing them with an excellent home extension solution. We would leave no stone left unturned to ensure that the disruption to the everyday life of the residents is minimal at best. We are a smooth operator in project management.

Reach Out To Us for the Best Quotes!

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Virlan Construction with your home extension requirement today! We have a dedicated customer support helpline operated by highly professional and friendly customer support staff to sort out any queries you might have.

We understand your home extension needs and provide you with the best quotes. Moreover, our approaches are crafted to suit your preferences. Therefore, reach out to us today and get assisted with your home extension needs.